Customer-Centered Supply Chain Segmentation Tailored To Your Business.

Our Mission

Customer-Centered Supply Chain Segmentation Tailored To Your Business.


Our Goal: Market-Driven Supply Chain Segmentation

  • Particularly in the consumer goods industry, we have lately been observing an immense fragmentation of market requirements on supply chains: from large-volume standing orders to small customer-specific orders, the modern supply chain apparently has to fulfil every wish – and this at constantly increasing cost pressure.
  • Successful companies align their value creation structures precisely with the requirements of their target markets and thus achieve optimum customer satisfaction with minimum use of resources.
  • Other than classic customer segmentation developed for Marketing purposes, we help you analyse your target markets from a supply chain perspective and derive a manageable number of distinct requirement groups.
  • For each of these requirement groups, we identify optimal value creation structures so that the optimal balance among speed, agility, and cost efficiency is achieved. This is what we call market-driven supply chain segmentation.

Our Credo: End-to-End & Anti-Silo

  • Classic approaches to supply chain optimisation are mostly limited to individual functions and rarely integrative in their measures and objectives.
  • We are convinced, however, that only a complete end-to-end view across the entire value chain leads to sustainable improvements.
  • Therefore, we consistently break through silo thinking and put the overall added value of your supply chain first when performing our analyses.

Our Method: Data Driven & Validated in Practice

  • Our data-based approach creates commitment and trust across internal functional boundaries: one truth – objective and transparent.
  • A first full-scale proof-of-concept within M-Industry confirmed our method’s functionality and relevance in practice.
  • To structure the seemingly unmanageable complexity of today’s markets, and to obtain practicable insights, we apply machine learning to continuously improve our model.

Our Team


Stephan Hunziker, MBA HSG
Co-visionary, Project Lead SCM M-Industry
Stephan holds an MBA from Hochschule St. Gallen and has gained more than 10 years of relevant working experience as a supply chain specialist in the fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) industry. He obtained his thorough practical and theoretical supply chain expertise while being associated with Migros, Unilever, and various SMEs.


Christian Riegelein, MSc ETH MTEC
Co-visionary, Internal Consultant M-Industry
Christian completed his MSc in Management, Technology, and Economics at ETH Zurich where he received a full scholarship under the Excellence Scholarship and Opportunity Programme. His master’s thesis in the fields of strategic supply chain management forms the theoretical foundation of the SupplyChainFit concept. In 2018, he joined Migros Industry’s internal consultancy, continuing his work on strategic supply chain segmentation.

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